Round-up: Lunchbox ideas for the week – part 5

Let’s press-on… another week of packed school lunch ideas:

Monday: Cheeseburger and sugarsnap peas. Mid-morning snack: Fruit salad. By dear son’s request, sigh, to take away the Monday blues. Oh well… hope this is ok, lean beef, hold the fries and soda.


Tuesday: Home-made wantan noodles with prawn and chicken wantan parcels, prawn and vegetable broth. Mid-morning snack: Granola with fresh berries and yoghurt.



Wednesday: Vegetarian quinoa chilli, guacamole, oven baked corn tortillas, cheese & spinach quesadillas. Mid-morning snack: Fruit salad and yoghurt.



Thursday: Parmesan crusted chicken tenders, baked wholewheat penne and broccoli in cheese, steamed broccoli. Mid-morning snack: fruit salad. Post-swim snack to share: Banana and walnut cake.



Friday: School Trip Jungle Trekking / Hill Climbing Packed Lunch – Roast chicken and sesame pasta salad. Snacks: Fruit salad and assorted sandwiches.