This blog is about the food that I cook, the challenges of managing a household, and the general rambling of a communicator, recently turned into a domestic engineer, (by choice – and I have to remind myself of that constantly.)

The biggest percentage is probably going to be about the food that I cook for my family and the recipes and contents of the packed lunches for my 12 year old to take with him to school. Quick, nutritious and filling – these 3 elements are important for the school lunch as he is in school until 4 pm, and by 7pm, he has to be at the swimming pool for 2 hours of training, 6 sessions a week. I try to ensure that he gets all his nutritional needs naturally through the food that he eats rather than from supplements.

As for the daily menu – Malay cooking is an art of mixing and matching dishes that go together on the table. For me, this was the biggest hassle because while it is easy to cook each dish on its own, the difficulty is in envisioning how it will all tie in together. Due to this, for me, menus are more helpful than mere recipes. Unfortunately, most blogs deal with recipes rather than complete menus.

Other than that, being a SAHM is not my natural calling. I don’t really enjoy doing housework,  hate doing the laundry and would rather have a root canal than clean the bathrooms, but I hate messiness even more than cleaning. I am also passionate about cooking and menu creation – so, my day consists of racing to finish the cleaning chores in order to focus on looking up recipes, testing them out and studying nutrition and its effects on growth for children, teenagers and athletes.


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