Round-up: Lunchbox ideas for the week – part 4

As a mother to a 12 (going 13) year old boy whose schedule is packed with school and competitive swimming, healthy eating is important. By packing him lunches everyday, it gives me the confidence that my child is getting his nutritional needs met. It does require some planning, and mornings are a total chaos at times, however, seeing the difference that it has made on his health, energy levels, even mood regulation – it has provided me with the motivation to carry on with early morning cooking, even if at times the warm bed seems to be the best option. It has to be mentioned too that the cost of preparing food at home is just a fraction of getting this type of meals from restaurants.

Here is another weekly round-up of dear son’s packed school lunches:

Monday: Cheeseburger with broccoli, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Mid-morning snack: Granola, fresh berries and yoghurt. (Special naughty menu for Monday morning blues…)


Tuesday: Home-made cream of mushroom soup, toastie cheese squares, sesame sugar snap peas. Mid-morning snack: Fruit salad, yoghurt and oat crisps.



Wednesday: Crockpot rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli. Mid-morning snack: Fruit salad and yoghur



Thursday: Chicken broth with shredded chicken, veggies and wholemeal pasta. Mid-morning snack: Berries, granola and yoghurt.



Friday: Spiced carrot and lentil soup, cheese tortillas and cherry tomatoes. Mid-morning snack: Fruit salad.


About mumstech
Retired at 40 after working in various industries including banking and financial services, oil and gas as well as higher education.Now a stay-at-home mum, cheerleader for husband and son, cleaner, nutritionist, cook, laundry lady, driver, clerk cum administration assistant, public relations, personal assistant... I never knew that squeaky clean floors can give me such satisfaction!

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