Grilled Pacific Mackerel for Dinner – Japanese at home anyone?

Pacific Mackerels grilling in my desktop oven.

Pacific Mackerels grilling in my desktop oven.

This family loves Japanese food. If hubby had his way, we would have grilled fish and miso soup daily. If dear son had his way, we would have salmon rolls, grilled salmon belly and salmon maki for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Did I mention that dear son loves salmon in any form? Unfortunately for the two of them, there is that other person in this house… Me! The other sad thing is the fact that I am the cook, so they have to bear with whatever I can rustle up in the kitchen, ha!

However sometimes, I do get a hankering for a good ole Japanese dinner and that means grilled fish, miso soup, chawan mushi, mixed veggies and kelp salad with steamed Japanese rice. I can literally hear the hooting in the background as dad and son perform their we-are-having-Japanese-food happy dance.

We have not been to a Japanese restaurant in a while because being Muslims, we observe the halal rules and that means that all meat and meat products have to be slaughtered in accordance to Islamic guidelines, and we have to be careful that the food is free from pork and pork by products as well as alcohol. So those restaurants that state – No pork served, it does not equate to the food served being halal for us.

It also means checking all the ingredients of food items that we buy to ensure that it is free from non-halal animal products and/or alcohol (rice wine e.g. sake and mirin.) It just seems to be the better option for us, to have our favourite Japanese food prepared at home.

The good news is, my favourite fish – Saba (in Japanese) or the Pacific Mackerel is available fresh and in abundance here! Though my knife work in filleting the fish leaves a lot to be desired, I will keep trying until the fish served is boneless and free from jagged edges… (maybe in 10 years, if we are lucky.) So a meal for three with my complete menu above costs us less than USD10 – yes, try and beat that!

IMG_00000526  IMG_00000527

To prepare the Saba Shioyaki, I followed the recipe from the kitchen tigress <- click on highlighted text for recipe and step by step instructions.

For lesson on filleting Pacific Mackerels – click on this – a tutorial made by the Japanese Knife Society.

I have also previously provided the recipes for miso soup and chawan mushi in the post here 

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