How to cook rice without a rice cooker :)

As per my last post – we are currently living minimalistically (kind of…) and I have had to do without my rice cooker as it is currently making its way to Kuching, inside our car. The pot was just too bulky and heavy to carry as hand-luggage with us, so… having been assured that it would not take too long for our cars to arrive from Peninsular Malaysia – I thought I could do without it for a week. It has now been almost 3 weeks and the cars are still on the way. I cannot put my family through the ordeal of eating out every day and, as generations of women before me have had to live without a rice cooker and managed to cook rice perfectly, I decided to try and boil rice in my thin pot on top of the stove.

After 2 days of porridge-like goo, followed by dried out grains, I think I have found the best way of getting the rice boiled and steamed to fluffiness.

Rice for 4

2 tea cups of fragrant rice (Thai long-grain, jasmine rice)



1) First, wash the rice thoroughly until water runs clear.

2) Soak the rice and leave for 20 minutes.

3) Drain the rice of all soaking water (you can recycle this water for plants.).  Add 2 tea cups of water to the rice.

4) Boil rice uncovered on medium heat – once water starts to boil, you will see that the outside circle of the rice in the pot look plumper than the middle – stir once to re-distribute rice evenly.

5) When water has evaporated to the same level as the rice (still wet and bubbling though,) put heat on lowest setting, cover the pot. Leave for about 7 minutes (do not remove cover!)

6) Check if all water is absorbed. If rice look fluffy, switch the heat off and leave rice covered to steam for about 10 more minutes.

7) Rice should be ready to be fluffed and served.

It sounds a little complicated – but it is well worth the effort. If you have extra rice, you can always cool it in the fridge and make fried rice the following day.

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Retired at 40 after working in various industries including banking and financial services, oil and gas as well as higher education.Now a stay-at-home mum, cheerleader for husband and son, cleaner, nutritionist, cook, laundry lady, driver, clerk cum administration assistant, public relations, personal assistant... I never knew that squeaky clean floors can give me such satisfaction!

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